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From the East - February 2023

Dear Brothers,

We are off to a great start! We had a tremendous turn out for our installation this year – the rough head count was about 140!

This year, we have a few big focuses. First, we have a great social program planned for you all with an emphasis on BROTHERLY LOVE and FAMILY. For example, while we plan to have multiple agape feasts this year for GRL masons only, we also plan to have several events aimed at our spouses and families. We also plan to throw our slightly overdue 100th year anniversary this year.

Our next big focus is on improving our ritual work. The officers have already been doing a tremendous job working hard on this front – several practices are already in the can, and their hard work is yielding dividends in their performance. I’m proud of the dedication and talent of our officer line this year!

Our third big focus will be on building a rigorous fundraising program. Unlike many of our sister lodges in the area, Golden Rule is not a wealthy lodge. In order to ensure we can continue to grow and prosper, it will be necessary for us to throw a few fundraisers. Likewise, we want to expand our charitable activities this year and this, too, will require we reach into our pockets. Some of the proposed fundraising events we’ve been looking into include a wine/spirits mixer, a karaoke party, and an Oktoberfest beer tasting event. We will keep you posted on these events and will particularly be asking you to help give!

Finally, we are looking to build a “bottom up” lodge. Over the past five years or so, I’ve noticed that we’ve been trending toward a situation where a handful of brothers do all of the planning and all of the work in the lodge. I hope to change that this year by bringing back our system of committees to help plan and run the lodge. As an important corollary to this point, this year I will be opening the floor for brothers to make nominations to me (privately, of course) of any brother they feel is worthy of receiving either the Hiram or Cornerstone awards from whom I can choose. I want you to have a say in the process.

I am looking forward to a tremendous year. Thank you for the honor of allowing me to serve you this year.


Chris Mays


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