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October Newsletter



What a great year it’s been and it’s getting even better! We had a wonderful trip to

Columbia to raise our worthy brother, Francisco Corpus Jr. We also have another Third Degree

coming up on Saturday, October 2nd at 12:00PM. We will be hosting this degree for Brother

Patrick Jones, a current Fellowcraft of Argonaut Lodge #8 in Sonora. Brother Jones will be

traveling down to San Jose for his degree with our sister lodge and we strongly encourage

everyone to attend. Complimentary refreshments will be provided afterwards.

Looking forward, we will be having a planning meeting on October 11th for any member

of Golden Rule who wants to attend, and wants to have their voice heard. And then, we will

continue our fellowship with an Oktoberfest celebration on October 18th, led by our own worthy

brother, Ansgar Furst. Lastly in October, we will be hosting our annual Golden Rose Gala to

honor our widows, spouses, and significant others. I, for one, am excited about the month of


As we wind our year down to a close we will have even more opportunity for fellowship

and for ritual work. Please stay tuned for the events to come.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything and we look

forward to seeing everyone soon.

What an exciting time to be alive!,

Garrett Burrow



Greetings to all! I hope this message finds everyone well and at their best. We are now in the fourth month of being able to meet regularly in person in Golden Rule Lodge. Other lodges have also begun to follow suit in their own comfort. While the risk of contracting the COVID-19 is always clearly in the equation, being mindful of the precautions and set guidelines is paramount. We have work to do and goals to accomplish. They say that: when you’re busy, time flies. It sure does. The lodge activities in the last three months have been quite enormous – overwhelming but also gratifying. Personally, I really missed our masonic labors and fellowship. I am delighted that we are on a roll now, which brings a lot of

excitement to our candidates. They are finally able to progress in their journey. Let us all hope that the new COVID-19 variant is kept at bay. Rising number of cases has been in the news lately and if it persists, I fear that we could face another SIP. Please stay vigilant and always keep your guards up –

“Safety First”. As always let us continue to keep each other and the Frontliners in our prayers. Also

demonstrate how much we genuinely care for everyone around us by observing the safety precautions to

the highest level of discipline. Keep the COVID19 at bay!

This year’s Annual Communication at the Grand Lodge will be held from October 8 to 10, 2021 subject

again to state and county health regulations. If it pushes through, let’s plan to attend this year’s historic

Annual Communication after a year of absence.


Dear Brothers:

It's now October and the year is starting to wind down. What a year it's been! We have started

emerging from the pandemic and are slowly bringing back our social calendar back online. This month we have an Oktoberfest meal prepared by Brother Ansgar Furst on October 18, and the Golden Rose Gala organized by Worshipful Lee Brooks on October 25. Details are in the calendar. Please come, and also check your emails for information on how to RSVP!

As we are slowly finding our ways to reintegrate in-person Masonry back into our lives, one thing

I have noticed is there are many traditions of our lodge that have fallen by the wayside. There are also many of you that have some fantastic ideas on how to improve our lodge. To that end, with Worshipful Garrett's blessing I will be hosting a strategic planning/brainstorming meeting on October 11 at 7:30 pm at the SJMC. I will be providing free pizza and beer for everyone who comes. The goal of the meeting will be to brainstorm any and all ideas you have for improving our lodge -- whether it be old traditions we need to restore or new traditions you'd like to see established. This will be the meeting to collect those ideas so that over the course of the next year and a half, I can plan and decide how to implement those ideas for my prospective year in the East in 2023 (should the lodge elect me, of course!).

Please come -- we are hungry to hear your ideas!

All the best,

Chris Mays

Junior Warden, GRL

Upcoming Schedule of Events:

All events will take place at 7:30PM as usual unless otherwise noted. Attire for of icers during degrees is Tuxedo. Attire for everyone else for all tiled events is Coat and Tie. As always, practices will be kept casual.


Saturday 10/2: Traveling 3rd Degree for Argonaut #8 (at SJMC) — BRO PATRICK JONES

Monday 10/4: October Stated Meeting

Monday 10/11: GRL Planning Meeting — Open to all brothers

Monday 10/18: OKTOBERFEST!! PROST!!

Monday 10/25: Golden Rose Gala (Widows’/Spouses’ Night)


Monday 11/1: November Stated Meeting

Monday 11/8: Degree or TBD

Monday 11/15: Annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Monday 11/22: Lodge is Dark (Thanksgiving)

Monday 11/29: Degree or TBD

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