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October Newsletter


Dear Brethren, Ladies & Friends Of Golden Rule Lodge:

September was a fairly busy month, which is good!

We had two upstanding men receive Degrees in September – Bro Steve Wiedlin was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on Sept 10, and Bro Sean Patrick was Initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason Sept 28. Hearty congratulations to these Brothers. May their road toward the Light grow Brighter every day!

On Sept 5 I had the fun and privilege of joining the Scottish Rite Knights of St Andrew at the Highland Games in Pleasanton. What a day! There was the gathering of the Clans on the Green, and we had the honor to sit in the tent of the Clan McBain, as on one the KSA was a member of the Clan. I had time to visit the Clan Gordon tent, as I am a Gordon on my grandfather’s side. Then we went to watch the Games – throwing the Hammer and other events. There were battles between knights on foot in heavy armor and really wailing at each other with those swords. There was a whiskey tasting pavilion, where you could taste 20 year old Single Malts. There was food everywhere! What I enjoyed most was the Bagpipe and Drum Band Competition. These performers were real artists with their whirling drumsticks and performance. I definitely plan to go back next year, and hope I can convince some of you to join me.

There are a number of Brothers who are slowly becoming adept in the martial arts style called Kempo. How, you may ask? From the instruction of our own Bro Rich Howell, who is a black belt. They meet once a week at the Scottish Rite, and it is open to ANYONE who would like to learn. Call Bro Rich and sign up. It’s fun and the conditioning is well worth it! You may be the next Chuck Norris!

Our Traveling Degree to Columbia this year was one of our best ever! FORTY Brothers and Ladies came for the weekend and had a great time!! Fri night we sat by the pool until midnight–eating and drinking and talking. Saturday afternoon we went down to the historic Columbia Masonic Hall, and, with due form and ceremonies, RAISED Brother

STEVE WIEDLIN to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason! There is a photo of the Degree Team elsewhere in the GAUGE, taken in the lodge room of the Masonic Hall. That evening we had a sumptuous banquet with live entertainment, followed by more Fellowship around the pool. Then we slept in Sun morning, and people started heading home in the afternoon. It was a truly great weekend, and hopefully those of you who couldn’t attend this year will be able to come next year.

A lot of special things happening this month. The Annual Grand Lodge Communication is Fri – Sun, Oct 9-11 in SF. Open to all Master Masons. Come to the reading, discussing and voting on all of the new legislation on Sat from 9am – 5pm. It’s quite a thing to watch. How about a group carpooling or ‘BARTing’ together? Then, the following Saturday is the first reception of the year for our new Grand Master – the Most Worshipful DAVID PERRY. It will be held in the SJ Scottish Rite building and tickets are only $20. See article in Jr Warden’s column for more information.

And – we will be conferring TWO Degrees this month! On Monday, Oct 12, we will be Raising Bro BLANE CURTICE to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Then on Mon, Oct 26, we will be Passing Bro CARL SCHREIBER to the Degree of FellowCraft. We hope to see you all at both!

Fraternally, Hank Vlcek – Master


Dear Brethren, Ladies, and Friends of Golden Rule Lodge No. 479,

Last night at OAM our inspectors briefly touched upon the term ‘Sojourners’ – who and what they are. Here is a brief history of our National Sojourners.

What are the National Sojourners? They are an independent affiliate of Free Masonry. National Sojourners traces its heritage to the early 1900s in the Philippines. Since there was no local Lodge military officers, who were Masons, formed a "club" to promote fellowship and Masonic ideals. As these original founders were reassigned to other military posts, the "club" disbanded, to appear later in Chicago as the "Sojourner Club". Over time other Sojourner Clubs began to appear across the United States, especially prevalent near military installations. A National Headquarters was established in Alexandria Virginia, on the grounds of George Washington's estate. Eventually the land and surrounding buildings were purchased and a permanent National Headquarters and Museum dedicated to Military Masons was established.

The purposes of National Sojourners, is to organize Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers, past and present of the Uniformed Services of the United States, who are Master Masons, into chapters for the promotion of fellowship, for the cultivation of Masonic ideals, for supporting all patriotic aims and activities in Masonry, and for developing Patriotism and Americanism throughout the Nation. Active membership is open to Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers, past or present, active or reserve (and National Guard), of the Uniformed Services of the United States or its allies, who are Master Masons in good standing.

Honorary membership may be conferred by a Chapter upon those persons who would not otherwise be eligible for membership due to past or present military service. Honorary members have the same rights and privileges as Active Members.

Sojourners promote Patriotism and Americanism by sponsoring programs such as: ROTC Cadet awards and recognition, American flag programs and presentations, participating in Armed Forces and Veterans Day activities and programs etc. Additionally Sojourner chapters support and strengthen fraternal relations with other Masonic bodies through "Bridge of Light" programs.

For "Official" additional information or a directory of Chapters, contact the National Headquarters.

National Sojourners, Inc.

8301 E. Boulevard Drive Alexandria, VA 22308-1399

(703) 765-5000

Respectfully Submitted, Robert J. Ahrens – Senior Warden


Columbia: September 11-13. We had a great weekend in Columbia for Steve Wiedlin’s third degree. It was great to see so many Brothers, wives, partners and Brothers from other lodges join us. The weather was hot and a little smoky from the nearby fires. The Columbia Lodge was in great shape, with A/C working well for a cool third degree.

The caterers’ for the dinner on Saturday evening did an outstanding job with overwhelming compliments reported about the food and service.

Hank’s prestidigitation was in great form and cards, handkerchiefs, ropes and balloons appeared, vanished and reappeared at the whim of the Master. Almost enough to make you believe in the impossible. I am looking forward to going back again next year.

The October Stated Meeting is on Monday October 5th, $10 each. Bring the family for a great Masonic Family Gathering. Remember to call or email me with your reservations.

Saturday Oct 17, 2015 Reception for the NEW Grand Master at Scottish Rite Bldg. $20. Seating is limited for this event. I have a few tickets left - see me at the Stated meeting with cash or check and get your tickets. First come with cash/check, first served.

Hosted By: Santa Clara Valley Masonic Officers Association, Liberty Lodge No. 299

Location: San Jose Scottish Rite, 2455 Masonic Drive, San Jose, CA 95125-2036


Who: All Masons (Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts, Master Masons), their spouses/partners, families and friends are welcome.

Theme / Dress: Hawaiian/Polynesian. (Hawaiian Print Shirt/Shorts, Sarong/Floral Print Sundress/Muumuu)

John Cahill, Junior Warden, Golden Rule #479.

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