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A Tradition of Giving.

We all strive to do great things. Lately, it's been a tense 4th quarter at work. Yet, I find great joy and a great comfort in our lodge. Seeing new members initiated, seeing brothers passing to fellow craft and master mason. But above all else, I find great joy and pleasure in making a difference in people's lives. Today, I had the great privilege to hear from students seeking to live out their dreams by going to college. However, This does not come easy to them as they come from a backgrounds with little opportunities. Communities with gang violence, low income, and other hardships. We as Masons have the pleasure to support these students by providing them the financial opportunity to reach their goals. No matter what we are going through giving back to others in a true way is the best healing medicine. We are doing great things, although it gets hard at times. We are whom that make all the difference.

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