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August Newsletter



We are now moving on into the second half of the year and we have a lot of exciting

things planned to carry us on through into the ensuing year. (Please see the included calendar

of events for the details and join us for our festivities).

Notably, we will be having our annual traveling degree this year in Columbia! Please join

us in honoring our worthy brother, Francisco Corpus Jr. as he is raised to the Sublime Degree of

Master Mason.

Now that we can meet again face-to-face, we have restarted our ritual work and have

already initiated 2 new brothers as of this writing. And we will have one more new brother

among us by the end of the month. Our ancient and honorable craft is alive and well! And we

thank our new brothers for waiting a time with patience.

As always, please feel free to reach out any time for any reason. This year, we have had

the privilege of speaking with many brothers with whom we hadn’t spoken in some time and it’s

been great hearing from you! We look forward to our continued fellowship!

What an exciting time to be alive!


Garrett Burrow


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