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Called from Labor: Dick Uhler

Dear Brothers,

As many of you know, Dick Uhler passed away in December. His family will be throwing a memorial service (including a Masonic Service) on March 18.

Dick was a longtime member of our lodge. He was initiated into GRL in 1988; passed to fellow craft in June 1989; and raised a Master Mason on June 4, 1990. Dick was longtime chaplain of our lodge, and served as chaplain continuously from 1999 until 2014. Dick received the Hiram Award from GRL in 2008.

Here are the details of his memorial service:

When: Saturday, March 18 (arrive at 12pm)

Where: 20390 Park Place, Saratoga

Attire: Dark suit/tie; please bring your own apron (spares will be available)

Funeral Officers:

The service will be conducted by our inspector, Worshipful Joe Campbell.

Brother Brandon Duenas will serve as Marshal.

Brother Wayne Heimsoth of Mt. Moriah 292 (a longtime friend of Dick's) will serve as Chaplain.

Brothers, please remember that it is our final act to a longtime brother to attend his Masonic service. This obligation is considered so sacred within the Craft that the Masonic Code includes an explicit provision mandating the attendance at such funerals:

It is the duty of every member, Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft to attend the funeral of a deceased member of his Lodge or any other Master Mason residing within the vicinity of his Lodge at the time of death, if he can do so without great inconvenience.

Please mark your calendars and attend if you can.

Fraternally Yours,

Christopher Mays, Master

Golden Rule Lodge #479

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